My name is Lisa and My Co-Pilot is Tarquin, A Tibetan Terrier. We would like to give you a warm welcome to our page.


I have a level 3 Diploma in dog walking as well as being fully qualified in First Aid for Dogs which has been renewed in 2022. Along with these valuable qualifications I also hold a City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma for Veterinary Care Assistant, Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and 2 years Experience as a Trainee Veterinary Care Assistant.


We offer a bespoke and exclusive pet service which we want to make feel like a home away from home and trust your dog will be in safe hands.


My knowledge is forever expanding with Animal Reiki Healing, Animal Communication and more coming in the near future.


Little bit more about us….

I love animals (for as long as I can remember). I always had dogs around home since before I was born. I currently have Tarquin & 2 cats but in the past we have had fish, hamsters and rats.


We are National Trust Members and attend multiple Animal Events throughout the year.


Tarquin & I would love to invite your dog out on our dog walks. If your fur baby is slightly nervous we can ease them in gently. Tarquin loves company whether its walking in the woods or playing in open areas. 


A little bit about Tarquin…

He is a Tibetan Terrier, 4yrs old, neutered male and one of my best fur babies. He has a gentle soul, patient with other dogs, likes to join in any dog chats. He hates getting his feet wet but he loves a lake and runs straight in, he will walk around puddles until he finds the darkest, thickest, smelliest mud puddle!


He makes me smile with all of his quirks & I beam with so much joy and pride when I see him play, pouncing around like a puppy, or trotting next to me, the wind going through his fur. He is socialised with other dogs and has the patience & firmness to tell other dogs no when needed or he’ll just come by my side and sit.


Tarquin & I are dog friendly, dog worthy, fun, reliable but most of all trustworthy. 


Photos can be requested but will only be at the beginning & end of a walk but not during as I like to ensure the dogs have my full attention and not be otherwise engaged or distracted.


When we are out walking there will be no more than 4 Dogs at a time (including Tarquin).


By keeping the numbers small, you can rest assured knowing that they will not get overwhelmed by numbers.


All Animals will be transported in a new vehicle kitted out by a leading, approved company which is regulated by the converter regulation authorities. They will have their own cages (keeping them safe), air conditioning for the summer months & CCTV cameras as security is key.


Like people, some dogs can be shy or nervous and will need more shorter meeting sessions and others might just need x1 (dog-2-dog) meeting.


Separation anxiety within dogs, cats & small animal holdings can/will be on the rise due to lockdown and another common issue is socialisation but with a little bit of work, I hope we can help. 


I would like you to see how the dogs interact with us so you can be confident that your fur baby is happy & excited to see us. 


If there is anything else we can help you with, please do get in touch and if we can help we’ll do our upmost to meet your needs even if its just to pick up and collect medication from their registered veterinary practise or popping round for a social visit just to let your fur baby have a friendly visitor.